Funding Drive Concert presented by Indie City Madness!

Indie City Madness, CKCU and LIVE on Elgin proudly present:

Mehdi Cayenne
(Ottawa post-punk, pop-funk)

Mia Kelly Music
(Ottawa-Gatineau indie folk, blues)

Siberian Breaks
(Ottawa indie folk rock)

Playing LIVE on Elgin on Saturday, October 12, 2019
In support of CKCU-FM’s 2019 Funding Drive

Doors: 8 p.m. Music: 9 p.m.

Door price: $10-$15 sliding scale / All Ages/Licensed

CKCU benefit: CU House and Techno Club Presents: Bathing In Tunes

Carleton University House and Techno Club Presents:
Bathing In Tunes – Volume 1

Prepare yourself for a night of bathing in tunes! Join us at Babylon Nightclub for Carleton University House and Techno Club‘s first ever official event featuring the likes of local legend, Stackhouse, plus Rlly B, Badi, Matt May & Dr. Shepard! This event will feature an immersive experience unlike any other student run experience to be found in Ottawa. Prepare your ears for some of the finest house music and techno on the market.

Entry is FREE before 11PM and 5$ after. A 19+ Event. Proceeds will be donated to CKCU-FM

Big thanks to the CU House and Techno Club for thinking of us!

Ottawa Live Music on CKCU, archive still available

Our live music specialty program “Ottawa Live Music” has been put on the shelf for now. However, you can still access the vast archive here! Great performances by tons of local artists such as Bonnie Doon, Saint Clare, Chautauqua, The Sentries, Huntley Slim, Larissa Desrosiers, Clavius, (just to name a few, MUCH more) can be heard when you explore the Program page list of episodes: …from there click on “ARCHIVED PLAYLISTS” to view the catalog/archive of episodes. All the most recent episodes will still have a “LISTEN NOW” option to listen in.

HUGE appreciation, much respect and many thanks to the entire crew for all their hard work over the years for making the show so exciting, enjoyable and professional. Most of all, thanks to all the great talent that has gone above and beyond to lug their gear up to the 5th floor of the Unicentre to perform for us!

Live music on the Radio is still and always important to us! If you, or someone you know would like to perform live on CKCU, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to set something up on a program that is suitable.

Special Blend shows LIVE from Spaceman School of Music!

From September 30th to October 4th CKCU’s morning Special Blend programs were broadcasted live from Spaceman School of Music (390 Gladstone Ave. at Bank). Thanks to everyone who dropped by for a coffee and came to see Community Radio in action at this great remote location!

Gratitude goes out to our fine hosts Trish Bolechowsky, Jumpin’ Joel Elliott, Mike Powell, Jeff Larocque, Shelley Ann Morris, Kim Kilpatrick, Daniel Bourret, Dick Altavista, tic, Dennis Sakalauskas, David Yazbeck, Alecks Charron, Barbara Gray, Chris White & Monique Fuller who all brought many excellent musical guests performing and interviews with various interesting people in our community. HUGE appreciation to ALL the great guests and musicians (too many to mention all of them!) that came to entertain and inform us. I’m including the links to all those programs below, so you can check out what happened!  Also, big PROPS to all the excellent CKCU volunteers and street team folks that helped with different aspects of the proceedings especially Antonio Chamas, Katie Gill, Dick Altavista, Marcus Levis, Jason Lamarche, Victor Ubaru and of course Chris White who hatched this adventure! Also congrats again to Thursday host David Yazbeck who celebrated 15 years of hosting this week, and to tic who’s coming up on his 800th episode!! The award for steady hands and levels goes out to Dylan Hunter and Alecks Charron. Banner were flying and the CKCU trailer was there, and much merriment community building ensued. Nice going everyone! There are boatloads of images and videos on all the socials, check ’em out. Last but not least, thanks to Tom and Spaceman Music for sharing their awesome space with us all week. Until the next time ♥


Tuesday: and


Thursday: and

Friday: and


A Tribute To David Wiffen on CKCU’s Canadian Spaces

The Story Behind the Sept. 14th CKCU and CityFolk Tributes to David Wiffen

Canadian Spaces host Chris White invited Friday Nite Truck Stop host Ray Harris to join him for the June 29th edition of Canada’s longest-running folk radio show.  Ray put together a playlist that included several David Wiffen songs and suggested inviting David to drop by for an interview that morning.  The interview is available in CKCU’s audio archive, starting around the 51-minute mark: programs/129/43518.html.

In the interview, David told some fascinating anecdotes about his artistic development, the many notable people he performed and recorded with (including Bruce Cockburn, Neville Wells, Colleen Peterson, Sandy Crawley and Richard Patterson), and the many notable people who recorded his songs (including Anne Murray, Harry Belafonte, The Byrds, Ian & Sylvia, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Jerry Jeff Walker, Eric Andersen, Tom Rush and The Cowboy Junkies).  The conversation was so intriguing and so connected to folk music history that Ray and Chris invited David to return for a two-hour special edition of ‘Canadian Spaces’ on Saturday, Sept. 14.  When he agreed, nine amazing musicians who are connected with him and love his songs accepted invitations to participate in the radio show:  Tom Wilson, Lynn Miles, Sneezy Waters, Neville Wells, Julie Corrigan, Sandy Crawley, Ray Harris, Frank Koller and Don Marcotte.  These musicians will be joining into the conversation with David and performing songs written by him or associated with him. Continue reading


BARNSTORM 2019, 20th edition!

In beautiful Finch Ontario, hosted by tic, host of Wednesday Special Blend.

Saturday, August 24th

Sean Oliver – 5:00 to 6:30 p.m.
Graven – 6:30 to 7:15 p.m.
Jumpin’ Joel Flash – 8:00 to 8:45 p.m.
Church of Trees – 9:30 to 10:15 p.m.
RedFox – 11:00 to 11:45 p.m.
She Wears Black – 12:30 p.m. to 1:15 a.m.

plus DJ’s in the chillzone, camping available and encouraged. $35.00 in advance, $50 at the gate

more info:


Meet Victor Ubaru one of this summer’s Radio Camp Counselors at CKCU!

Born in Benin City Nigeria, Victor is going into his last year as an Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science student here at Carleton University. He is a self-professed “hardcore nerd” who loved to read encyclopedias when he was younger and apparently had no friends, so lucky for the care and love of a giant family! At only 13, his father decided to move to Calgary which Victor describes as “less of a culture shock and more of a cultural electrocution”, and then eventually landed in Ottawa to study at Carleton.

Victor is an audio enthusiast who enjoys being creative; he does podcasting and has produced a few “wannabe rappers” along the way and appreciates the opportunities, freedom and space that CKCU provides… “Working with and around the people here I have learned a lot not just about the technical aspects of live audio production but also about how to bring people and ideas together like nothing before.”

Continue reading

5th Annual SURROUNDSOUND Radio Documentary Festival

SurroundSound is an annual Canadian radio documentary festival celebrating interesting and compelling audio stories by emerging and veteran journalists, producers and writers. Now in its fifth year, it takes place in July on community radios across Canada. Organized by CKCU volunteer Kristine St-Pierre, it will begin Monday, July 8th at 9-10AM and continue through the month of July in that timeslot while the Filibuster takes a hiatus.

You can also hear the episodes from years previous, just navigate to “All Playlists” (middle menu) to see them:


The Groove w/ Elorious Cain celebrates 40 years!!!

On Saturday July 6th, The Groove will be celebrating 40 years on CKCU!

For the occasion, Elorious Cain will present the ‘Real History Of Disco‘ over 18 hours, with his usual Saturday at 1 PM start and finish at 7 AM Sunday morning! This extra long shift is something he has done in the past, and no better time for a repeat to celebrate the Groove’s 40th!  When he did it in 1999 and then in 2009 it was very well received.

“THE REAL HISTORY OF DISCO”  is an intensive eighteen hour guide that chronicles the industry and it’s music from it’s very beginnings. It talks about the different musical genres, some of the dance crazes and significant clubs. Expect plenty of music from the super-groups that changed everything, amazing vocalists along with many of the divas and discoqueens! Also included are certain treats like spectacular cover-versions, remixes, megamixes and mash ups!
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Mystic & Severe reviews 9 MORE entries in the NYAFF!

New York Asian Film Festival – a BAZILLION reviews by Michael O’Keefe, host of Mystic & Severe (alternating Thursdays, midnight to 2AM)

Covering #NYAFF2019 has truly been a privilege and while I’ve reviewed plenty of films over the radio this has proven to be a very fun exercise that ate up the majority of my spare time for 2 weeks out of choice.  Trying to understand any culture that is different is challenging but the medium of film is certainly the strongest medium to do just because of the power on the senses that watching a movie provides can lead to empathy.  These 40 different film scenarios that have been reviewed all have their strengths while they are not all great there were plenty of gems to be found in here and if there was a negative review that still captured your interest then that’s fantastic.  Enjoy the last batch of reviews and remember it has been a true pleasure for me to let you know about these films! …..

If you find yourself in New York during June 28th to July 14th you should check out the New York Asian Film Festival at the legendary Lincoln Centre!  There you could see all the finest films from Tibet, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam & Japan.  If you’re a little tired of Hollywood Blockbusters & would like to be entertained outside the system you cannot go wrong with contemporary Asian cinema.  Check in every Friday to read about these fine films!

Ottawa would be very fortunate if the ByTowne Cinema or Mayfair Theatre book films from the New York Asian Film Festival because of the diversity of the work.  Tibetan and Taiwanese mysticism, odd Japanese humor, historical oppression, horror and action can be found in the films being reviewed here.  As the festival begins we should remember it’s not about being Asian or wanting to be respectful of a different culture it is really about the quality of the work as a reason to watch these films!

The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale: This is the ultimate Zom-Com of the festival.  Not to knock ‘Zombiepura,’ but this is just set the bar higher for Asian Zom-Com’s it may be the best one yet and obviously is comes from South Korea a country who is now producing one of the greatest production systems out of Hollywood.  This is a film that looks at family and what one does when an old relative gets a little funny – we’ve all been there & the lengths we’d go to protect that family member basically doesn’t differ.  The visuals are really strong in the film the camera buzzes around at appropriate time and they make the movie have a lot of flare which is totally appropriate for a Zom-Com in fact this movie has pulse throughout its duration.  To expect effects like ‘The Walking Dead,’ is unfair & arguably the effects in this film are better because they’ve got more heart and soul in them instead of being as slick or as high budget as possible.  There also isn’t all that much gore and it is the family element that makes this film the best Asian Zom-Com ever!

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