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The Home Invasion Show presents: 416 to 613 - FULL CIRCLE -

The Multi-talented crew from CKCU's "The Home Invasion Show ( are hosting an event at Ritual on April 23rd, check it out y'all!

"From Toronto to Ottawa we going Full Circle celebrating the debut project Infinite Edges
Toronto's UZ in the house with Dynamic & KingsCollege in attendance repping Ottawa & doing what they do best so make sure you mark your calendar & tell a friend 'cause we’ll show you how The Home Invasion Show on CKCU FM kick it!

Check out the Facebook page for more details

The Home Invasion Show presents:
416 to 613
w/ UZ, Dynamic, Kingscollege
Thursday April 23rd, 2015

$10 at the door
@ Ritual (137 Besserer St.)
brought to you in part by CKCU 93.1 FM

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Special 6-Part Series on the Saturday Morning program

Musicians in Residence

Every Fourth Saturday morning at 9 AM
Next on: Saturday, May 16, 2015

This special 6-part CKCU series is hosted by Birdie Whyte, the resident Sunday night musician at Ottawa's infamous, Chateau Lafayette. Once a month Birdie presents, "Musicians in Residence" during the third hour of Stephen Neale’s edition of CKCU's Saturday Morning program.

On each episode, Birdie interviews a featured local musician who is currently holding down residence in one of many pubs across the city. Residents are also invited to play a few songs live on air from our studio!

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Rene Joly 5th anniversary tribute music show

 On April 15, tic & Dick AltaVista presented the Rene Joly 5th anniversary tribute music show. For those that knew him, René was an avid music lover attending Irene’s Pub, and many local and long distance music festivals. René passed away suddenly on March 29, 2011 at the age of 63. René’s family made a very generous donation of René’s CD collection to the CKCU Music Library – a superb collection collected over a lifetime by a true music lover. Our hosts and audiences will be all the richer as a result, and we will cherish this donation for a very long time.

Here is the audio from the show

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the music of American composer John Luther Adams on CKCU

On Thursday April 9 2:00-4:00pm EST the Dave Dalle Show Presented:

Music for a Frozen Land Part III: The Great Thaw

The third and final episode looking at the music of American composer John Luther Adams. On the program we looked at one of his most recent and greatest works, “Become Ocean” for orchestra. Adams, who has worked as a conservation officer, spent most of his adult life living in rural Alaska where he has drawn inspiration from the vast Arctic landscapes and native people of the far north. Environmental concerns and particularly climate change are preoccupations for Adams and are a critical threat to the Arctic biosphere (and indeed, the world). This is the motivation behind this magnificent, overwhelming piece for large orchestra. This music completely engulfs the listener in a roiling ocean of sound which builds and subsides in great waves. You become submerged and enraptured by this most beautiful of cathartic experiences. A masterpiece. Music from the earth as it becomes ocean.

Part I can be heard on-demand here:

Part II can be heard on-demand here:

Part III can be heard on-demand here:

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Sounds Simple Acoustic Music Series

The Sounds Simple Acoustic Music Series  Sounds Simple

Takes place at "A Thing For Chocolate" located at 1262 Wellington W.

Brought to you by the Ottawa Grassroots Festival, Red Leaf Music and CKCU 93.1 FM

Here is the list of upcoming performers:

Thursday, April 23, 2015 Denis Turbide
Thursday, April 30, 2015 Gareth Auden-Hole
Thursday, May 07, 2015 Paul Spafford
Thursday, May 14, 2015 Kristine St. Pierre

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CKCU FM presents World Sports at Oliver's Pub

If you love soccer we encourage you to watch the matches at Oliver`s Pub. See all the mid week EPL, UEFA, Europa and Euro matches on the big screens. Bring your jerseys, scarfs and chants to support your side. CKCU is the sponsor of the matches at Oliver`s.

April 17: Super Rugby: Crusaders v Chiefs; April 20: National Rugby League: Sharks vs. Rabbitohs; April 21: UEFA - Barcelona vs Paris Saint-Germain; Bayern Munchen vs FC Porto

Head down to Oliver's to see the best in Footy, Rugby & Cricket from around the world.
Proudly presented by CKCU 93.1 FM

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CKCU Releases App for Android Phones

You can now get CKCU on your Android Phone using our cool new CKCU App! Check it out here: CKCU Android App Download Page

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3:00 PM Reggae In The Fields
Round 2 of the search for the "Top Caribbean DJ in Ottawa" continue. DJ Fusion meets DJ Sligo Nebula. You can SCORE. Here is how: Criteria for each DJ Originality/creativity/uniqueness (30 points) Transitions between tracks (mixing) (30 points) Variety in music selection (30 points Vocal presentation (10 points) Total 100 points Several ways to send your score (use only one method) 1. Email: 2. Facebook: Post your score in my chat box or email box NOT by posting on my page. Postings on my page will not count. You may have to send me a friend request before posting in my chat box. If so, send me the request, I will respond so that you can send your score. 3. Text: 613-707-3731. Scoring 1. Send your score after 4:15 pm AFTER listening to DJs. Scores sent before this time will not count. 2. Score is out of 100 points for each DJ/Sound. It is NOT a vote. It’s a score. Votes will not count. Example, “I vote for DJ x” does not count. You need to send a score based on the criteria. Example: DJx=85, DJy=75, or the reverse based on the criteria. If you like, you can also send the breakdown of your score. This gives the DJ more information but the breakdown of your score is optional. Score like DJx=100, DJy=0 will not count. Please consider the criteria carefully, then assign a score to each DJ. 3. You can also send your comments (positive, negative or both) for each DJ based on criteria. 4. Use only one method to register your score. There is no benefit in scoring more than once. 5. You can listen to the recorded program on demand at Go to programs, schedule, click on Reggae in the Fields, select the appropriate date, listen to the contest, then send your score. The recorded program will be available by 6:00 pm Saturday 6. Send your score by 6:00 pm Sunday
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