CKCU & “Student Choice Initiative”

Download the PDF of the petition by clicking here:  CampusRadioPetition
Anybody with an Ontario address can sign their support. Get involved with the campaign by contacting CKCU Station Manager, Matthew Crosier

The Ontario Government has launched the “Student Choice Initiative”. This involves student levies that support organizations and services on campus for groups such as: CKCU, The Charlatan, CUSA, GSA and the Sock’n Buskin Theatre. These levies have now been made optional with an “online opt-out option”. The student fees are the main source of revenue for us and these organizations, and a large loss of revenue will put us and these groups at risk. An “opt out” is not acceptable for organizations that have been around for decades and were created and funded by referendums supported by the majority of Carleton students. The Ontario Government has not consulted any of the groups affected and has not done any studies on the value of services these groups provide.

CKCU provides students with the training and opportunity to help them build for the future. Many of CKCU’s student volunteers have gone on to careers in the media. CKCU provides access to the airwaves for many local musicians including Carleton University student musicians. This support by the radio station is a key part in the development and success of Ottawa’s music community. CKCU constantly promotes grassroots events on and off campus, playing an important role in connecting the community. CKCU has been a community hub on and off campus since 1975.

Please stand with CKCU and let your MPP know that the “Student Choice Initiative” is no choice. These fees were brought in by informed students who made a choice that they need these services. Checking a box at registration to “opt out of fees” is not an informed choice, it is not building a better Ontario. Send a message to the Ontario Government that you want to “opt in to the future” instead of “opting out”. Continue reading

CKC-YOU: meet Laura Atherton and Madeline Lines

I’d like to introduce you to Madeline and Laura. They are both 4th year Carleton journalism students, Laura with a minor in Art History, Madeline in Film.

They co-host a program on CKCU called “The Emotional Rescue Show” on Mondays from 11-noon. Through themed musical selections, personal experiences, news stories, research and the occasional interview, they explore the psychology of a different emotion each episode.

Madeline: “It started with a little idea I had about a year ago for a show. I asked Laur to join me, and we started our journey, attending training in the summer of 2018. We were just buzzing with excitement! We both have very busy schedules, working on-campus and in J-school full-time, so we finally found a slot that works for us this year. Now our radio star dreams are a reality!”

Madeline credits a friend back in her hometown of Calgary (at CJSW!) for helping her catch the community radio bug. When she decided to test the waters here, she was pleased to find such a supportive and welcoming community here.

Laura: “I know a few friends that volunteered for CKCU and it seemed like such a cool opportunity to write, develop and program your own radio show without having any professional experience and just get to have a fun place to learn and not have too much pressure to be perfect.”

Both Laura and Madeline appreciate the encouragement they’ve received and connections they have made with fellow hosts like Erik Stolpmann, Candace Nelson and Dick Altavista who Laura actually shadowed on “Both Kinds Of Music” for her initial On Air training session. A testament to the true community spirit that is at Radio Carleton.

They both credit CKCU with helping them improve public speaking not stressing the small stuff so much.

Laura: “I think the biggest thing it helped me with is the fear of messing something up on air, because once it happens – and it inevitably will – you get over it, and it really is absolutely fine. Becoming comfortable with making mistakes in such a safe environment like CKCU has helped me become a better host and be able to sound more engaging and confident on air.”

Madeline: “CKCU has helped me with a sense that I can do anything I put my mind to. I think that a lot of people are terrified to make the first step towards their creative pursuits. It requires a lot of audacity to declare publicly that you have something to say. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if we all felt free and comfortable to explore our little creative inklings without feeling like we have to do it perfectly the first time? That’s the kind of environment CKCU has created for me.”

To them, CKCU is a place for the things that don’t usually get broadcast. It represents a multitude of different communities and identities that can’t be silenced. Creating a radio show and expanding your knowledge and experience is such a useful thing to have on a resume, but even more useful when it’s something you can genuinely have fun with at the same time….. We’ve definitely enjoyed what they have presented so far, and are looking forward to more!  ….check it out here: programs/540/info.html

PHOTOS BY: Ashton Schofield

We Stood Like Kings as interviewed on new CKCU program, Hexon Bogon!

Interview with Mathieu Waterkeyn, drummer for We Stood Like Kings – March 10th  as heard live on Hexon Bogon, with host Adriana Ciccone on CKCU 93.1 FM

We Stood Like Kings are a 4-piece instrumental band from Brussels. They have been together since 2011 and have released 3 albums via Dunk! Records & Kapitän Platte. They describe themselves as playing post-rock on silent movies. Even though their albums were written as soundtracks to silent films, they stand on their own and are thought provoking and moving. They are playing several shows this year across Europe, with one of those shows having occurred last night in Arlon, Belgium with 3-piece giants, Féroces who will actually be in town on April 17th.

Today I have the pleasure to interview one of the members of We Stood Like Kings, the drummer for the band, Mathieu. He is with me on the phone now. He took time out of his busy schedule to do an interview with me and I’m totally grateful.

Adriana: Hi Mathieu, thank-you for being on the show.

Mathieu: Hello Adriana it’s my pleasure, Thank You for having me. Not too early for you?

Adriana: Yes, It’s pretty early! Is it mid-morning where you are right now?

Mathieu: It’s 10 o’clock in the morning. Continue reading

CKC-YOU: Meet Kwabena Oduro

Please meet Kwabena Oduro, who was born and raised in Montreal, but came to Gatineau in 2013 to play basketball and hasn’t left since. He is a graduate of the Algonquin College television broadcasting course since last April. He did an internship with Rogers Sportsnet as a Broadcast Associate, where he learned a lot about script writing, story development, and researching. After his internship, he secured a job in promotions with Bell Media which has led to work behind the scenes as a technical producer with CFRA radio and TSN 1200 radio in Ottawa.

As an aspiring sportscaster, it is at CKCU where Kwabena is really getting the chance to shine. He has very recently come on board with the program “On The Sidelines” (Tuesdays 2-2:30 PM) which was started by Carleton student Alyson Duffy last year. Its a 30 minute show where they aim to discuss everything Carleton Ravens and varsity sports, sometimes the Senators & 67s but mostly various topics that don’t generally get voiced in the athletic community. CKCU is helping him unlock his potential, and is a great place for him to get the practice and experience to succeed. Kwabena has also become more adept while recording some exclusive interviews with coaches, trainers and other self starters in the National Capital Region. He loves the story telling aspect of sports, doing interviews and making connections with athletes. He is really hard-working and is clearly eager to learn more and work with others in the industry to gain experience.

In Kwabena’s own words: “I believe the most important part of campus/community radio is the fact that it gives everyone a voice and allows you to be creative. The platform is great for many people who don’t study in this field but have always wanted to try it out. As for the people like myself who want to be successful in this industry, it gives us the reps and practice we need to get to the next level. A valuable aspect I find with CKCU is the willingness to help people and build connections. The community at CKCU is one like no other. It has been eye opening for me, I never really thought I would get to be on-air this early in my career but CKCU has given me the opportunity to feel that on-air presence. I still have a long way to go but I approach every show or every time I am in the studio as if its my job.

Kwabena aims to have his very own program on the airwaves, and having observed his dedication and passion, we at CKCU know it is only a matter of time!

CKC-YOU: Meet Meral Mohammad Jamal

Meral is a 2nd year Journalism student at Carleton, having moved here from Dubai, United Arab Emirates for school. She is also currently a news editor at the Charlatan. She was part of the Friday Special Blend team during the winter semester last year and really enjoyed the opportunity. She cites working with CKCU veteran Chris White, and interviewing Amanda Carver—one of the organizers of the Ottawa Women’s March as some of the highlights of her experience. She and her new co-host Temur are eager to get back to the airwaves this fall with their new program/idea “The Nut Graf”, which will provide the inside story, the behind the scenes of the journalist’s headlines.

Meral credits Radio Carleton as providing some practical learning, hands-on experience and helping advance her studies; because the Journalism program’s introduction to radio only happens in the third year, she got a head-start into the world of radio. She learned some valuable interview skills here while having a lot of fun in the process! Although admittedly from a generation that generally doesn’t absorb that much radio, she soon discovered the value and importance of grassroots media like CKCU, the evolving ways that people listen, and the community it benefits and creates. It has introduced her to so many different people and aspects of of the local community.

In Meral’s own words: “CKCU helped me make Carleton home. Coming from a different country and ethnic background was a difficult transition, and more often than not, I found myself yearning for genuine human connections. CKCU made it easier for me to connect and interact with people both at Carleton and in Ottawa, and I think the process made it easier for me to enjoy my time here. CKCU is family now, and Carleton is my home, and I am so grateful for both.”

“Radio Carleton is for everyone. As a student, I had the opportunity to be trained and then not long after, to contribute to a show and gain experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, someone who doesn’t know radio, or someone who isn’t from Ottawa. All that matters is that you show up and show interest, and you’ll find a place at CKCU.”

Nowruz: Celebrate spring and Persian New Year with us!

Countdown to Spring had begun!

Here at CKCU with spring also comes Persian New Year known as Nowruz!

CKCU & Namaashoum will once again bring in Nowruz and Spring to Farsi speaking people all around the world with a special live Nowruz episode of Namaashoum on Wednesday March 20th from 5 to 8PM.  Thanks to the programs “The Upstairs Neighbour”, “Asian Sounds” & “Punto de Encuentro” for allowing this to happen. Namaashoum usually broadcasts every Monday from 7-9PM and you can check out their archive and find out more here:

Namaashoum is Ottawa’s first Persian program. We cover a vast area of topics, including poetry and lierature, community events, news, music, and more. We are proud to keep our high standard of production in promoting Persian literature and music. We believe radio broadcasting is a serious matter and we are working very hard to serve our community. &

CKC-YOU: Meet Colin Boudreault

Meet Colin Boudreault. He is a second year Carleton student, pursuing a degree in Communications & Media Studies with a minor in Professional Writing. He was born in Ottawa and has lived here his entire life so far. Colin works on the show Ottawa Live Music (OLM) which airs every 2nd Thursday from 10 to 11PM. OLM broadcasts a performance live off the floor by a local band, typically to promote an upcoming show or album. It’s a great means of promoting local talent and providing cultural enrichment to our community. Also, as a musician who enjoys writing and recording music, he hopes to perform on OLM himself at some point!

His primary job is to set up and tear down audio equipment as well as monitor the sound levels during the broadcast. Recently however, he has begun co-hosting the show alongside another regular of OLM, Dick Altavista. He is also a member of our production team that helps create advertisements and station identifications along with other audio projects for the station.

Colin had been seeking an extra-curricular activity that suited him since enrolling at Carleton in September 2017. After trying a few different clubs and organizations, he was drawn to CKCU as a valuable opportunity to hone and tune his skills in audio engineering.

In Colin’s own words: “People from all walks of life use our station as a means of allowing their voice to be heard on matters that are important to them. We have a litany of shows featuring hosts that come from groups that are unfortunately marginalized by conventional broadcasting standards. CKCU… affords the opportunity to experience the practices, beliefs and opinions of those who are overlooked by the broadcasting hegemony.”

Since volunteering at CKCU, Colin feels privileged to have met several people who are as passionate about music and broadcasting as he is, such as his partner for production work Josh Taylor, and the OLM crew folks. One of Colin’s long-time aspirations has been fulfilled being able to hear his my work and voice broadcasted over the radio. Colin credits CKCU for giving him a place to relieve some of the stress that a charged class schedule brings, when the workload is heavy.

Tune in LIVE every second Thursday at 10PM for Ottawa Live Music or listen to past episodes On Demand:

CKC-YOU: Meet Harriet Smith

I am Harriet (Harri) Smith. I am a first year Journalism student at Carleton. As you might suspect enjoy writing, reading, and also listening to music. I’m from a small town in Alberta called Okotoks but because my parents have recently moved, I live in Ottawa now.

At CKCU, I am a production volunteer and am now going through programming training. I’ve been practicing in the studio and helping where I can, so that I can move towards getting my own program in the future.

I found out about CKCU at the club fair during week one, and learnt more when CKCU staff came into my lecture to describe the station to us. I took a chance on doing an orientation, and after that I was hooked. I think community/campus radio is important because it gives smaller events in the community a chance to shine. It also allows students to have a chance to practice their skills and be involved in something that they might not otherwise. These days, where everything is going digital and impersonal, places like CKCU are important.

It might sound cheesy, but I have connected with everyone that I have met at the station. Everyone that works or volunteers at CKCU has an interesting story and a really cool view of the world. There isn’t one person I met that I haven’t liked. And there isn’t one person that I met that hasn’t taught me something about myself. The station has helped me with a sense of self confidence at Carleton. I didn’t have a good high school experience, so I want to make the most out of university. CKCU has given me a sense of belonging and achievement, which I craved coming into it.  CKCU has really helped enrich my experience so without CKCU, Carleton wouldn’t be Carleton, it wouldn’t be home.

One of most valuable aspects of CKCU is the fact that it is truly community. Between the listeners, the employees, and the volunteers, we all have something in common. No matter how different we or our music tastes are, we all want the station to continue and thrive. I am proud to be a member of the CKCU family.

CKC-YOU: Meet Rob Ambrose-Audu

I’d like to introduce you to Robert Ambrose-Audu. Rob is a second year Film Studies student at Carleton University. Aside from his passion for film, he also enjoys drawing, video games and working on his guitar virtuosity. He is about to start hosting a new program on the station called One Shot which will explore and profile the work of a different musician/band every episode. It airs every second Wednesday from 10-11AM. Rob discovered CKCU from seeing a CKCU street team booth on campus and is glad he did, as he has always been interested in media production including radio and figured it was a good place to learn more and get some hands on experience.

Rob credits CKCU in helping him identify what career paths he might like to pursue, and giving him more confidence in terms of creative expression and public speaking. He would also like to encourage his fellow students to consider the value of the volunteer opportunities in programming and production, and the chance to share some of their favourite music on the airwaves and beyond, while developing new skills. Whether exploring options for a new career, or simply indulging a hobby, there are many ways and reasons to participate and enjoy CKCU’s community offerings! Be sure to check out Rob next time he hits the air!

…or listen to him On Demand!

Three O’Clock Train live at Irene’s Pub March 1st!!

Yes you heard me right, Three O’clock Train will be performing one night only, at the intimate setting of Irene’s on March 1st! Whether you know it yet or not, Mack Mackenzie, Three O’Clock Train’s consummate leader is a brilliant songwriter and Canadian music legend, and it is no exaggeration that the bio on the TOT website starts out with: “….is the last of his breed: a singer-songwriter with an author’s depth and a Rock’n’Roll heart…”  There should be no question that you wouldn’t want to miss this performance, but if you don’t believe me look it up and read more, listen in, find out more about the Train!

Three O’Clock Train will be playing in support of a killer new “Cuatro de Los Ángeles” E.P., in which all proceeds go to to help Tony Kinman’s widow, Kristie White. Tony Kinman was the founding member with brother Chip Kinman of 70’s California punk rock The Dils and 80’s Texas cowpunk Rank and File. Tony recently passed due to an aggressive cancer, and being close friends and collaborators, Mack and band naturally wanted to help! More info on how you can too:

Three O’Clock Train w/ special guests Lone Pig & The Rhythm Sucklers LIVE at Irene’s Pub (885 Bank St.) Friday March 1st. $20 dollars at the door. Come early to avoid disappointment! Brought to you in part by CKCU FM of course…..