Michael O’Keefe interviews legendary Italian film director & producer Sergio Martino

With recent releases on Blu Ray of Sergio Martino’s ‘Torso,’ (1973) by Arrow Video or ‘All the Colours of the Dark,’ (1972) by Severin Films the man’s work still gets appreciated by fans of Italian Genre movies.  CKCU FM’s Michael O’Keefe even arranged an interview with Kat Ellinger author of  ‘All the Colours of Martino,’ (2018) but decided to go directly to the man himself for more questions!  Thanks to Patrick Lang for translating Sergio Martino’s Italian to English.

Michael O’Keefe: Hello Sergio Martino!  In the West there have been a lot of recent Blu Ray releases of your work by Arrow Video and also Severin Films.  How does it feel to have your work appreciated by fans to this day?

Sergio Martino: I am surprised but also happy… Especially since I receive all the benefits on the sales as the author. Alas, I am worried about piracy, which has bad impacts upon our branch, but also in the whole industry of show business.

Michael O’Keefe: Critics have been frosty to you in an unwarranted fashion.  Does fan enthusiasm give you a sense of vindication?

Sergio Martino: Of course, some critics I got from time to time could be very hurting, and from my point of view deliberately despicable to destroy the cinema of genre in favor of art house cinema. I’m convinced that these critics didn’t even watch our movies. Their first intention was to bash the films from scratch.  This happened mostly in Italy. The re-evaluation of this cinema really began abroad, and it finally came back to our own country.  Honestly, I think that it was a bit exaggerated, and now it makes me smile. I am serene and like this old wise Chinese, I stand by the river and wait…but I don’t want a revenge. I just don’t want cinema to die out. Continue reading

CKC-YOU: Meet Alyson Duffy

Alyson Duffy is a fourth year Communications and Media Studies, originally from Halifax. She currently hosts a show called Bench Warmers on Tuesday afternoons with co-host Kwabena Oduro. She originally started at CKCU doing the program On The Sidelines in her second year with her friend Courtney Trim because we wanted to shed light on topics in sports that don’t get talked about.  Courtney and her even did commentary and play-by-play live on CKCU of both a Women’s basketball game and a Women’s hockey game from the Raven’s Nest and Icehouse respectively. Still sticking with the original mandate on the new program, Alyson and Kwabena continue to discuss sports that are not covered by mainstream platforms, while also discussing topics such as pay equality and female sports leagues that don’t receive the same coverage.

Alyson found out about Radio Carleton at the Fall orientation for students and came looking to gain experience in radio as being a broadcaster is something she wants to pursue as a career, and thinks CKCU is important and realistic way to gain experience in the broadcasting industry. “It is a very unique opportunity to gain hands on experience in multiple ways at a radio station. For those who are like Kwabena and I, it allows us to grow our skills that we can apply to the work force. CKCU allows us to meet others in the radio industry and to learn from which is crucial in our personal skill development.”

Alyson credits CKCU in helping her achieve a love for radio. “Growing up I thought I wanted to be on TV but with the experience in radio I have grown to love it and want to pursue a career in radio.” She thinks the most valuable aspect of CKCU is that it allows students like herself and many others with all kinds of different interests and backgrounds to gain a practical interest in radio and community media. “CKCU allows connections and meaningful friendships among volunteers and staff. It is an amazing community that I’m proud to be a part of.”

Aside from radio and her studies, Alyson enjoys coaching hockey, playing ultimate frisbee and ball hockey, reading biographies, hiking and surfing. You can hear Bench Warmers every Tuesday from 3-4PM or listen back to the archive here: https://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/498/info.html. You can also revisit the Alyson & Courtney calling the Carleton Ravens Women’s Basketball team vs. the Ottawa University Gee Gees: https://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/512/34989.html

“Fragments” by Jagjeet Sharma to launch May 25th

CKCU host Jagjeet Sharma will be launching her second book,  a collection of poems , entitled Fragments on May 25th,  Ottawa City Hall, Colonel By room, 2nd floor. The book is priced at $15. All proceeds will be  donated to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. For more info, please email her at asiansounds1@hotmail.com or call her at 613 491-8659.

Jagjeet is a freelance journalist, broadcaster, and author. She launched her first collection of poems, Nature’s Subtle Seductions, last year, which was also at Ottawa City Hall. Jagjeet hosts Asian Sounds on Wednesdays from 6-7PM) on CKCU 93.1 FM with her husband and co-host, Surinder Sharma. Jagjeet contributed to a University of Ottawa research project entitled Ottawa Multicultural Media Initiative (OMMI). She is a founding member of the Ottawa Ethnic Media Forum, and also a member of the Media Club of Ottawa. She was invited to local South Asian festivals for book signings and poetry readings.


Seeking Radio Camp Counselors for the summer!

Job Position: Summer Radio Camp Counselor

Start date: 2019/07/02 – 8 weeks
35 hours per week
Hourly rate: $16
Hours: 8:45 am to 4:15 pm, M – F

CKCU is hiring 2 Radio Camp Counselors to run our popular Radio Camp for kids ages 10-14. This camp contains a maximum of 12 children split into two groups. As a camp counselor you will be responsible for the supervision and training of one group. Some of the camp activities include:

– How to write, record and edit a radio advertisement,
– How to write, record and edit a review of their favourite CD, Movie, Book or Video Game, etc…
– How to use a professional broadcast mixing board
– How to record voice
– How to mix music together like a real radio DJ
– How to speak like a real radio DJ

The children will also record a radio play, edit their voices, and add music and sound effects. At the end of the week they will do a live 2 hour radio show and show off what they have done at camp all week. Continue reading

DIY Spring 3: May 10th to 12th, 2019

DIY Spring is back for a 3rd edition!

DIY Spring Festival presents underground and underrepresented music and art to the Ottawa community.

The mandate of DIY Spring Collective is to promote, support and celebrate the work of emerging Black, Indigenous and racialized women and LGBTQ+ artists in the Ottawa area through an annual music and arts festival. The goal is to create a futurist stage that supports the ideas, narratives and performances of developing artists and audiences in our community. DIY Spring Festival is a celebration of the season of rebirth and renewal and its curation focuses on artists with innovative visions.

This years edition will include: Silla and Rise, Rita Carter, Ziibiwan, Sydanie, Lia Kloud, Eyeda Sophia, King Kimbit, Novusolis and more!

For more info: https://www.diyspring.net/

Photo by: Samantha Belleus

CKC-YOU: Meet Nico Bompadre

Nico Bompadre is in his final year of communication and media studies with a minor in feminist and gender studies. He immigrated from Argentina to Ottawa eight years ago with his parents and little brother. “My parents and brother have since moved back to Argentina to join my other two siblings as my dads work contract ended. I decided to stay in Canada after high school to go to university and have been in Ottawa ever since!” Nico did some program training at Radio Carleton and  now hosts a show called The Tea Party, along with Brianna Gardner on alternating Wednesday nights from 8 to 9 PM. They discuss Queer, Trans, and Femme issues through discussions on popular culture, news, and politics. “We strive to keep a social justice lens while bringing some humour and personal testimony to these very serious topics.” Nico loves CKCU because it “gives us a space to discuss our own experiences, celebrate difference, and question the problems that we and people like us face on a daily basis.” Continue reading

CKC-YOU: Meet Carlos Felipe Mendoza

I’d like to introduce Carlos Felipe Mendoza, known mostly around here at CKCU as DJ Los.  Carlos was born and raised in Ottawa and is Carleton Alumni, having graduated with B.Eng in Mechanical Engineering the spring of 2017.

Los is co-host of Midnight In A Perfect World (MIAPW) on Saturdays with his buddy Aslam Yehia (DJ Slama) who had initially introduced CKCU to him.  Los followed the Programming and Production training sessions that CKCU run regularly and before long, MIAPW was born.  Broadcasting bi-weekly, MIAPW is a late night entertainment show, featuring underground & local talent, interviews, and live DJ mixes. They have consistently had interesting guests on the program since its inception in November 2016.

Carlos wanted to get more involved with DJing and music production, and Radio Carleton turned out to be a great fit for him.  He feels that Campus Community Radio gives real people from all backgrounds a voice, and provides first hand accounts and experiences of what is going on in the city.  It is also the first point of exposure for emerging talent and local artists. Continue reading

CKC-YOU: Meet Brianna Gardner

Born and raised in Ottawa, Brianna has been at Carleton for 3 years. She is currently taking a couple years off with plans to return as a student in the near future. She is working towards a degree that consists of an undeclared major with a focus in Communications. At CKCU, she runs a fantastic radio show called The Tea Party with her friend and Carleton student Nico Bompadre. “It’s a show for POC peeps and LGBTQ+, discussing our issues, history, pop culture, and successes in the community.”

Brianna found out about Radio Carleton from a booth in the University Centre playing music. “I thought it would be a cool way to get experience on a field of work I was genuinely interested in. Community radio is so amazing to me. It promotes so much individuality, so many voices are given a platform to be themselves. And share opinions and culture that usually get overlooked by mainstream standards.” while working at CKCU, she’s met some dope people! She also says that “CKCU helped me find my voice and helped me materialize my passion, and the most important aspect of CKCU is the community” Brianna’s other interests include TV, films, social media, and pop culture.

Listen into past episodes of The Tea Party by following the link here: https://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/535/info.html


Born and raised in Ottawa, DJ N/A is actually a student at Ottawa U.  However, the opportunity to host a program at Radio Carleton is open to anyone who is willing to work hard and has a good idea for a show. Therefore, after following the various training sessions we offer to ensure hosts have the necessary tools and skills to be able to produce and present their content, DJ N/A  now does the program White Rabbit, every Thursday from 12:30-1. “I discuss popular topics by investigating unpopular history. Being a historian, my content is well researched and expertly proven.  If you are curious, you can check it out at ckcufm.com” DJ N/A learned about CKCU from friends. DJ N/A states that the most important part of CKCU is that “ It is a non-commercial platform. It is an opportunity for people to express and interact with various cultures, beliefs and artistic tastes in a safe environment, without commercial pressures.” She is always “ looking to expand my team with Journalism students I met at the Production training. My show requires a lot of research, and it would be much easier if I had some help.” DJ N/A goes on to explain that “Not only does it (being at CKCU) look great on a resume, but I genuinely enjoy the historical aspect. It makes me happy!” Continue reading

CKC-YOU: meet Laura Atherton and Madeline Lines

I’d like to introduce you to Madeline and Laura. They are both 4th year Carleton journalism students, Laura with a minor in Art History, Madeline in Film.

They co-host a program on CKCU called “The Emotional Rescue Show” on Mondays from 11-noon. Through themed musical selections, personal experiences, news stories, research and the occasional interview, they explore the psychology of a different emotion each episode.

Madeline: “It started with a little idea I had about a year ago for a show. I asked Laur to join me, and we started our journey, attending training in the summer of 2018. We were just buzzing with excitement! We both have very busy schedules, working on-campus and in J-school full-time, so we finally found a slot that works for us this year. Now our radio star dreams are a reality!”

Madeline credits a friend back in her hometown of Calgary (at CJSW!) for helping her catch the community radio bug. When she decided to test the waters here, she was pleased to find such a supportive and welcoming community here.

Laura: “I know a few friends that volunteered for CKCU and it seemed like such a cool opportunity to write, develop and program your own radio show without having any professional experience and just get to have a fun place to learn and not have too much pressure to be perfect.”

Continue reading