Stand Up For CKCU

Please act now to help protect CKCU’s funding by sending the letter below to your MPP, Minister Fullerton and Premier Ford. Please also join our Save CKCU list so we can keep you informed of future opportunities to stand up for the Mighty 93.1!

The Ontario Government’s Student Choice Initiative will harm CKCU. This initiative will destroy student groups by inviting students to opt out of student fees. The station relies on the generosity of Carleton students who democratically established a student levy that supports the station along with listener pledges.

— Matthew Crosier, Station Manager, CKCU

Hon. Merrilee Fullerton
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Room 5E211
438 University Ave.
Toronto, ON M5G 2K8

Dear Minister Fullerton,

I am concerned about the government’s Student Choice Initiative, which will destroy student groups at Universities and Colleges. This initiative is not "for the students" as it interferes with student fees that are democratically established by student referendums and are overseen by democratically elected student leaders.

I am particularly concerned that this will harm CKCU–the campus radio station at Carleton University. I believe this station delivers important programs and services to all students and your constituents. CKCU provides all student and community volunteers with training and opportunities to help them build for the future. Many of CKCU’s student volunteers have gone on to careers in the media.

CKCU also provides access to the airwaves for many local musicians–including Carleton University student musicians. This makes the radio station a key part in the development and success of Ottawa’s music and cultural community. CKCU also constantly promotes grassroots events on and off campus, playing an important role in connecting the community.

CKCU's student levy exists because informed students chose to have a campus radio station. Checking a box at registration to “opt out of fees” is not an informed choice.

Please oppose the Student Choice Initiative and support vital student-focused organizations like CKCU that contribute to the social fabric of our community.