Celebrating 45 years of The Groove

In CKCU FM’s vibrant history, Elorious Cain appears as a beacon of community and musical passion, revolutionizing Ottawa’s radio scene with his love for Disco music. Every Saturday from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM, for the past 45 years Elorious has infused joy and rhythm into the CKCU community with The Groove, Canada’s longest-running disco show.

Elorious Cain with his record collection

Over the years, The Groove has become a beloved show reflecting CKCU’s vibrant energy. His first interaction with CKCU started with a submission of poetry to Sacred and Profane, a show where listeners submitted work to be read live on air. After multiple submissions not being chosen, he grew frustrated, leading him to contact the station to inquire about it. This led to a meeting with then-program director, Jim Hurcomb. In a conversation between the two, Elorious shared his opinion on the station’s on-air programming. Agreeing that CKCU was lacking disco, Hurcomb offered Elorious a timeslot to do a prerecorded disco program. He gladly accepted. On July 7, 1979, Disco Radio took to the airways. In 1981, Elorious transitioned to live broadcasting. He renamed the show The Groove in 1982, establishing the well-loved show we know today.

The Groove is more than a radio show, it’s a celebration and exploration of disco. Developing a strong listenership over the past four and a half decades, it has drawn fans in thanks to Elorious’ deep love and passion for the music he presents. On special occasions, once a decade, “The Real History of Disco” marathon has been hosted for 18 hours straight, exploring and showcasing disco’s rich history up to the present day.

As the host, Elorious’ dream for The Groove is to keep it bumping for many years to come, allowing him to continue to share his passion for disco music and its ever-evolving scene with all who care to join his party. He attributes the show’s longevity to not only his passion for the disco scene but also CKCU’s support, giving him creative freedom to create the content he wants. He cherishes the opportunity to share disco’s vibrancy and create a space where listeners can connect and revel in the joy of the music. The Groove reminds us that music, like community, thrives on love and dedication. It infuses positivity into the community and invites us all to dance along.

– Marissa Guido