Friday Morning Cartunes host John Westhaver hits two milestones!

What can be said about John Westhaver and his 30 years in Ottawa and at CKCU? Volumes of course. He has provided the Ottawa community with a wealth of his musical knowledge week in week out through his popular program Friday Morning Cartunes, running 27 plus years now on CKCU. Friday Morning Cartunes is a world-class program really like no other that brings us deep, heavy, worldly, challenging, mind-blowing selections from near and far for three and a half hours every Friday.

Also, as most of you probably know, John is the owner and curator of the world-renowned brick and mortar, boutique Record Store called Birdman Sound that offers a small but incredible selection of great records that transcend the notion of musical genre. Nothing in the Birdman stock is there by accident, all is carefully considered with love to further our musical enlightenment. Birdman is remarkably in its 25 year as of this month, not long really after he first came to Ottawa from his hometown Fredericton NB and crossed the threshold of CKCU 30 years ago.

Therefore, it seems very appropriate to present next week’s Friday Morning Cartunes LIVE from Birdman Sound next Friday (August 28th between 9:30AM & 1PM naturally) before we miss the chance and John moves on to other incredible milestones! Come by and see radio live out of the studio, in the community. Come and buy a few records and congratulate the (bird)man on his 25 and 30!

UPDATE: Our sister station here in Ottawa CHUO 89.1 FM will be simulcasting Friday Morning Cartunes this Friday between 10 and 11 AM! Cool beans, thanks for doin’ that!