CKCU & “Student Choice Initiative”

Download the PDF of the petition by clicking here:  CampusRadioPetition
Anybody with an Ontario address can sign their support. Get involved with the campaign by contacting CKCU Station Manager, Matthew Crosier

The Ontario Government has launched the “Student Choice Initiative”. This involves student levies that support organizations and services on campus for groups such as: CKCU, The Charlatan, CUSA, GSA and the Sock’n Buskin Theatre. These levies have now been made optional with an “online opt-out option”. The student fees are the main source of revenue for us and these organizations, and a large loss of revenue will put us and these groups at risk. An “opt out” is not acceptable for organizations that have been around for decades and were created and funded by referendums supported by the majority of Carleton students. The Ontario Government has not consulted any of the groups affected and has not done any studies on the value of services these groups provide.

CKCU provides students with the training and opportunity to help them build for the future. Many of CKCU’s student volunteers have gone on to careers in the media. CKCU provides access to the airwaves for many local musicians including Carleton University student musicians. This support by the radio station is a key part in the development and success of Ottawa’s music community. CKCU constantly promotes grassroots events on and off campus, playing an important role in connecting the community. CKCU has been a community hub on and off campus since 1975.

Please stand with CKCU and let your MPP know that the “Student Choice Initiative” is no choice. These fees were brought in by informed students who made a choice that they need these services. Checking a box at registration to “opt out of fees” is not an informed choice, it is not building a better Ontario. Send a message to the Ontario Government that you want to “opt in to the future” instead of “opting out”.