CKC-YOU: Meet Rob Ambrose-Audu

I’d like to introduce you to Robert Ambrose-Audu. Rob is a second year Film Studies student at Carleton University. Aside from his passion for film, he also enjoys drawing, video games and working on his guitar virtuosity. He is about to start hosting a new program on the station called One Shot which will explore and profile the work of a different musician/band every episode. It airs every second Wednesday from 10-11AM. Rob discovered CKCU from seeing a CKCU street team booth on campus and is glad he did, as he has always been interested in media production including radio and figured it was a good place to learn more and get some hands on experience.

Rob credits CKCU in helping him identify what career paths he might like to pursue, and giving him more confidence in terms of creative expression and public speaking. He would also like to encourage his fellow students to consider the value of the volunteer opportunities in programming and production, and the chance to share some of their favourite music on the airwaves and beyond, while developing new skills. Whether exploring options for a new career, or simply indulging a hobby, there are many ways and reasons to participate and enjoy CKCU’s community offerings! Be sure to check out Rob next time he hits the air!

…or listen to him On Demand!