CKC-YOU: Meet Kwabena Oduro

Please meet Kwabena Oduro, who was born and raised in Montreal, but came to Gatineau in 2013 to play basketball and hasn’t left since. He is a graduate of the Algonquin College television broadcasting course since last April. He did an internship with Rogers Sportsnet as a Broadcast Associate, where he learned a lot about script writing, story development, and researching. After his internship, he secured a job in promotions with Bell Media which has led to work behind the scenes as a technical producer with CFRA radio and TSN 1200 radio in Ottawa.

As an aspiring sportscaster, it is at CKCU where Kwabena is really getting the chance to shine. He has very recently come on board with the program “On The Sidelines” (Tuesdays 2-2:30 PM) which was started by Carleton student Alyson Duffy last year. Its a 30 minute show where they aim to discuss everything Carleton Ravens and varsity sports, sometimes the Senators & 67s but mostly various topics that don’t generally get voiced in the athletic community. CKCU is helping him unlock his potential, and is a great place for him to get the practice and experience to succeed. Kwabena has also become more adept while recording some exclusive interviews with coaches, trainers and other self starters in the National Capital Region. He loves the story telling aspect of sports, doing interviews and making connections with athletes. He is really hard-working and is clearly eager to learn more and work with others in the industry to gain experience.

In Kwabena’s own words: “I believe the most important part of campus/community radio is the fact that it gives everyone a voice and allows you to be creative. The platform is great for many people who don’t study in this field but have always wanted to try it out. As for the people like myself who want to be successful in this industry, it gives us the reps and practice we need to get to the next level. A valuable aspect I find with CKCU is the willingness to help people and build connections. The community at CKCU is one like no other. It has been eye opening for me, I never really thought I would get to be on-air this early in my career but CKCU has given me the opportunity to feel that on-air presence. I still have a long way to go but I approach every show or every time I am in the studio as if its my job.

Kwabena aims to have his very own program on the airwaves, and having observed his dedication and passion, we at CKCU know it is only a matter of time!