CKC-YOU: Meet Brianna Gardner

Born and raised in Ottawa, Brianna has been at Carleton for 3 years. She is currently taking a couple years off with plans to return as a student in the near future. She is working towards a degree that consists of an undeclared major with a focus in Communications. At CKCU, she runs a fantastic radio show called The Tea Party with her friend and Carleton student Nico Bompadre. “It’s a show for POC peeps and LGBTQ+, discussing our issues, history, pop culture, and successes in the community.”

Brianna found out about Radio Carleton from a booth in the University Centre playing music. “I thought it would be a cool way to get experience on a field of work I was genuinely interested in. Community radio is so amazing to me. It promotes so much individuality, so many voices are given a platform to be themselves. And share opinions and culture that usually get overlooked by mainstream standards.” while working at CKCU, she’s met some dope people! She also says that “CKCU helped me find my voice and helped me materialize my passion, and the most important aspect of CKCU is the community” Brianna’s other interests include TV, films, social media, and pop culture.

Listen into past episodes of The Tea Party by following the link here: