Congratulations David Dalle, 25 years on CKCU this FALL!

This fall marks 25 years of  “The David Dalle Show” every Thursday on CKCU. Such a treat to hear David share a world of eclectic musical paths and traditions with us all these years. Much has indeed changed in the past 25 years, but the depth, thought and quality put into David’s program has remained consistent. In David’s own words: “…the need for independent and free voices like we have on CKCU has if anything, grown in importance. With streaming and other digital options, there seems to be greater choice than ever before, but that choice is deceptive, guided by algorithms, music offerings are becoming ever more narrowly defined. You simply *will not* find any other program or AI algorithm which takes you on the extremely diverse musical journeys I take on my show, often with a logical thread tying it all together.” Here’s to 25 more! Check it out for yourself, a link to his show(s):