Incentives for Donation to CKCU:

The 2019 CKCU FM Funding Drive is in full swing! And while a supporting community radio is an incentive in itself, we nonetheless have some fantastic incentives offered up by some very generous local businesses! By donating above a certain amount, you’ll be automatically entered into a draw to win one of the following fantastic prizes from these ⇒ fine local institutions: ⇒

10$ Donation:

Coffee Coffee Coffee! From: Bridgehead Coffee
Prizes to be won: 3
Everyone’s favourite morning pick-me-up! Includes some sweet sweet black gold as well as swag from Bridgehead!

25$ Donation:

Concert Tickets! From: The Black Sheep Inn
Prizes to be won: 6
An evening out on the beautiful Gatineau river! Includes two free tickets to an upcoming show at the Black Sheep in Wakefield, QC!
Nov 23: Kaia Kater (2)
Nov 30: Mackenzie Ryhthm Section (2)
Dec 8: Craig Cardiff (2)
Dec 13: Rebecca Noelle (2)
Dec 21: Amos The Transparent (2)
Jan 4: Brock Zeman (2)

More Concert Tickets! From: The National Arts Centre (NAC)
Prizes to be won: T.B.D.
An evening out on Elgin Street! Includes two free tickets to an upcoming show at the NAC!

A Night at the Movies! From: The Bytowne Cinema
Prizes to be won: 4
An evening out on Rideau Street! Includes two free tickets, two drinks, and big bag o’ tasty popcorn to a film of your choice at The Bytowne.

40$ Donation:

Community Radio Swag Pack! From: CKCU FM
Prizes to be won: 30
Be our billboard all over town… and LOOK GOOD while doing it! This prize pack includes a bunch of CKCU swag, including a tote bag, toque, mug, t-shirt, stickers, and buttons!

50$ Donation:

Edwards’ Apprentice Turntables From: The Record Centre
Prizes to be won: 2
Fill your home or business with the beauty of analog sound! The Apprentice is a class leading performance turntable that sets new standards of performance for the money. It comes complete with EA101 arm and C50 cartridge and is ready to go out of the box, just push the counterweight on all the way, put a record on and away you go!

300$ Donation:

A Private House Concert! From: Tulips & Devilships + Jumpin’ Joel Flash
Prizes to be won: 1
Gather your family and friends for a comfy concert on your couch! One generous donator will receive a special intimate in-home acoustic show from Tulips & Devilships & Jumpin’ Joel Flash! You pick the time and place, we provide the tunes!