Roots and Rhythms still available On Demand!

Enormous thanks to Renny G (aka. Rockin’ Renny, Rapscallion Renny, Recalcitrant Renny, Reluctant Renny…the list goes on haha) for holding down one of CKCU’s flagship programs “Roots And Rhythms” for the better part of the last FIVE years! The program will go on a hiatus for a period, until we have a willing and suitable host to resume with it. However, don’t dismay… Renny will still be doing his lively general music program “Renny’s Riot” every second Friday morning starting at midnight ( and past episodes which we highly recommend hearing (and exemplary of how to present bar-setting, thematic, specialty program) are still available from the ARCHIVE. You will find it here: then be sure to follow the “ARCHIVED PLAYLISTS” link to peruse them all.