New “Intramural Conversations” feature on “Can I Have A Word?”

For the last couple of years, volunteer host Bob LeDrew has been the Thursday-afternoon voice behind “Can I Have A Word?“, a long-form interview show. In that time, he’s talked to authors, actors, nurses, organ donors, vermiculturists, activists, and many more. But this fall, he’s starting a new monthly feature on the show — something he’s calling the “intramural conversations.” Once each month, a CKCU host will join Bob to talk about… well, it could be anything. “The joy of the show is that while I have some ideas about where the conversation is going to go, there’s always room for digressions and diversions. It’s like knowing that we’re going to the grocery store and the coffee shop, but in between we might stop at a brewery and a video arcade.” In September, the first intramural conversation aired with guest Shelley Ann Morris, host of “Welcome To My World?” on Tuesday mornings.
Next up will be Susan Johnston, who introduced Bob to CKCU as a guest on the Friday Special Blend.

“I have some ideas about other CKCU folks I know and want to talk to for the show,” says Bob. “But most importantly, I want to hear from people I DON’T know. There’s so much programming on the station, and I can’t say I’ve heard every show. I would love to hear from EVERYONE on the grid and have my monthly schedule for the next 8 years filled up.” If you’re interested, take a listen to Bob and Shelley’s conversation, and then drop him a note at