In Celebration of Int’l Women’s Day

Heavy Friends (Saturdays 8-10PM)
Comin’ thru CKCU March 30th & celebrating International Women’s Day with a fresh selection of bops, beats, and such.

Rabble Without A Cause (Wednesdays 11AM-midnight)
New releases from Marianne Trudel, Rhonda Taylor, Anna Webber, Karoline Leblanc, Susana Santos Silva, and the Anni Kiviniemi Trio

Saturday Morning Show (Saturdays 7-10AM)
International Women’s Roots Music w/ Teresa Bandrowska

Dave Dalle Thursdays 2-4PM)
Iranian singer Maliheh Moradi’s “Our Sorrow” which addresses the injustice women face in Iran today. Sarathy Korwar “Live in Mumbai”

Black & Blues (Sundays 9 to 11PM)
“Lu’s Jukebox” featuring blues, R&B & soul covers plus original songs by the legendary singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams.

Inside Jazz (alt Sundays 4 to 6 PM)
Mary Halvorson‘s latest album CLOUDWARD and Michele Rosewoman’s 1987 record QUINTESSENCE. 

The Rites Of Spring (Tuesdays 7:05 to 8 AM)
Celebrating great women composers for International Women’s Day