Born and raised in Ottawa, DJ N/A is actually a student at Ottawa U.  However, the opportunity to host a program at Radio Carleton is open to anyone who is willing to work hard and has a good idea for a show. Therefore, after following the various training sessions we offer to ensure hosts have the necessary tools and skills to be able to produce and present their content, DJ N/A  now does the program White Rabbit, every Thursday from 12:30-1. “I discuss popular topics by investigating unpopular history. Being a historian, my content is well researched and expertly proven.  If you are curious, you can check it out at” DJ N/A learned about CKCU from friends. DJ N/A states that the most important part of CKCU is that “ It is a non-commercial platform. It is an opportunity for people to express and interact with various cultures, beliefs and artistic tastes in a safe environment, without commercial pressures.” She is always “ looking to expand my team with Journalism students I met at the Production training. My show requires a lot of research, and it would be much easier if I had some help.” DJ N/A goes on to explain that “Not only does it (being at CKCU) look great on a resume, but I genuinely enjoy the historical aspect. It makes me happy!”

Due to the nature of her work, DJ N/A prefers to be a little mysterious and somewhat anonymous about her identity. I suspect that it also has to do with how she feels about the current “Student Choice initiative” that has been looming for CKCU and all other organizations and services supported by student levy across Ontario Universities. When asked if she had anything more to add, her response involved a four letter word and the name of Ontario’s premier, that we’ve decided not to add here verbatim. We all can understand this frustration, and encourage you to write your MPPs by following the link:

Check out White Rabbit this Thursday, or check it On Demand: